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Name: Max
Preferred Weapon: Boom-stick
Type of Evil: Meh
Based on a real person? Yes. Comic artist
General description: Max is laid-back in an evil kind of way …. until the zombie apocalypse occurs, when he becomes a veritable zombie-killing machine. His love of his shotgun is matched only by his faith in the almighty Santa.
Name: Phil
Preferred Weapon: Twin swords
Type of Evil: Bitter
Based on a real person? Yes. Comic writer
General description: Phil is an angry, bitter little man. His burning flame of rage only reduces when the levels of blood in his caffeine stream become too high.
Name: Kipfler
Preferred Weapon: Flame-thrower, with off-hand beer
Type of Evil: Random
Based on a real person? Yes. Website meister and techno-god
General description: Kifler is the only person to have hacked the Gibson with a blood alcohol reading of 0.3, earning him both the official title of “Techno-god” and a stint in hospital. He is also master of the non-sequitur. Hence, ducks do not have orange cocks.
Name: Aiko
Preferred Weapon: Ridiculous sword
Type of Evil: Futinari
Based on a real person? Kinda
General description: Aiko's innocently cute anime appearance belies the depths of her perversely kinky soul. She is never happier than when she is in her cosplay costumes. This may account for her constant cheeriness, because she is ALWAYS in her cosplay costumes.
Name: Fodd
Preferred Weapon: Science!
Type of Evil: Scientific!
Based on a real person? Yes
General description: When in high school, Fodd told his careers counsellor that he wanted to be a mad scientist, who promptly agreed that it would be an excellent choice of career. Of course, at the time he was being pinned up against the wall by a giant robot controlled by a cybernetic dog's brain, but Fodd still took his advice to heart.
Name: Janet
Preferred Weapon: Sarcasm
Type of Evil: Mother
Based on a real person? Yes
General description: Janet is the long-suffering wife of Fodd and the mother of Michelle and a set of rather remarkable twins. While she appears to only pick up the pieces after Fodd's mad experiments, she is in fact a master manipulator, and is the originator of a surprising number of his eccentric schemes
Name: Kara
Preferred Weapon: Battle-axe
Type of Evil: Psychotic
Based on a real person? No. Really, no. I swear, she isn't …. no she's not based on you … please don't hurt me ...
General description: Kara is as stable as ununtrium and as sexy as … something that's incredibly sexy. She enjoys the attention she receives from the opposite sex, until it crosses an ill-defined and ever shifting line, sparking a terrifying rage. She reserves her most potent hate for her dreaded enemies … ninjas.
Name: Michelle
Preferred Weapon: Sociology
Type of Evil: Statistical
Based on a real person? Kinda
General description: Michelle has inherited the mad-science gene from her father … and has run the tests to prove it, not only isolating the gene in question but synthesising it and developing a method of re-sequencing it into the DNA of embryos.
Name: Bob
Preferred Weapon: Double-barrelled shotgun, with a side serving of brass knuckles
Type of Evil: Over-sexed
Based on a real person? Yes
General description: While most see only a muscled hunk of horniness, Bob actually has the heart of a romantic. He once painted his brass knuckles pink for Valentines Day.
Name: Dr Highpants
Preferred Weapon: The hypocritical oath
Type of Evil: Iatrogenic
Based on a real person? No
General description: When the characters of Indifferently Evil are sick, injured, or being eaten alive by parasitic aliens, they look for a sympathetic and skilled doctor to ease their ills. Unfortunately, they invariably end up seeing Dr Highpants, who would have had his registration revoked years ago except he has photos of several of the Registration Board members in rather compromising situations.